I am a London born & bred artist and have dabbled in running just to generally try to keep fit. Although I have been to gyms before I hate the idea of them by principle –  the idea of paying to stay on the same spot, THE AWFUL REPETITION. When I’ve gone through stages of running before, my mind and general sense of wellbeing feel clearer & lighter but my running goals always fizzle out & then I just… stop.

In October 2013 I was in a new job & had a number of successive art shows, all with late & slightly stressful installs/de-installs. Also, I was back in London with all my old friends, 3 of whom had just opened a cool new bar – a night there would always lead to a heady (but fun) lock-in. I was drinking a lot, eating shit, then having crap sleep – you know, I didn’t need blooming rehab but I could definitely do with being a bit healthier, for mind, body & soul.

So, I rang my friend Gus, who has done half marathons before and is always keen for a run & asked if he wanted to go out running – I thought I needed a target & signed us up to a 10k (my first real race).    

I completed it a month later in November in a time I was proud of & next thing I knew, I ‘d signed up to my first half marathon.

It will be tough but I really want to keep going. My blog will let you know how I’m doing with the training, and how I fit it into my life.

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  1. thatssojacob says:

    Found you through Flux and Flow – entertaining blog! Come join the fun over at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com 🙂

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